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Mistakes to Avoid When Guest Posting

| Submitting Guest Posts | March 27, 2014

Guest posting brings a lot of benefits to writers and publishers. It’s a powerful marketing tool that a growing number of publishers and business owners are tapping to reach a wider audience.

guest posting mistakes

While many are successful in this endeavor, those who are only starting out should learn the right way of submitting guest posts to ensure your work gets published on websites you have chosen.

Here are some of the common mistakes worth knowing and that should be avoided if you want to make a good impression and establish your credibility online. Some may be considered minor but they’re often the ones taken for granted. As such, being familiar with these blunders should enable you to stay away from them moving forward and do your guest posting work correctly.

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Guest Posting: Still an Effective Marketing Strategy

| Submitting Guest Posts | March 19, 2014

Guest posting may not be acceptable to some publishers and writers. Some may even refer to it as a spamming activity but for those who engage in it, they still consider it a powerful marketing method.

Submitting guest posts to quality websites is similar to submitting articles to directories. One uses a third party site to promote his or her brand and when done correctly and consistently, it has a great chance of building one’s credibility and expertise.


Experts point out that in these times when people get information overload on a daily basis, brands should focus on building trust, their reputation, relationships and connections if they want to succeed on the web. These should come first before the SEO aspect which, unfortunately, is given more priority by agencies managing guest posting tasks for their clients. Link building is not the way to go, according to experienced guest bloggers and publishers.

Online marketing these days has a bigger scope. It is not limited to just posting valuable content on a website or blog as well as sharing them on social media sites.

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Recommended Sites to Submit Guest Posts

| Submitting Guest Posts | March 10, 2014

Guest posting is an effective strategy to promote one’s expertise and blog as well as establish one’s credibility. Experienced bloggers have been doing this and have proven that it’s a great way to reach out to a wider audience and establish relationships with new communities.

Two main options are available to writers and bloggers. They can submit guest posts on other site and they can also accommodate guest posts on their websites or blogs. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

So where should you submit guest posts and how do you choose the best sites?

websites for guest blogging

You have a choice between sites where you can directly contact the editor or other authority sites with no direct editor contact.

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How Guest Posting Can Benefit Your Blog

| Submitting Guest Posts | February 18, 2014

Blogs today post articles not only written by the owners but as well as those contributed by other people also known as guest authors or bloggers. This is a common practice that benefits both the blog owners and their contributors.

Guest posting is a valuable thing to do if you as a blogger want to promote your writing skills and expertise in various avenues. It also helps in getting your own blog known to a wider audience.

Experts, however, warn against doing guest posting to only gain links back to one’s blog or website. They point out that with Google regularly updating its algorithm, the search engine can now easily track posts with just links and not include them in its search results. Google is now focused on quality content as itst algorithm becomes more complex.

It should be understood that guest posting is not just about writing down your thoughts and publishing them to attract the attention of search engines. It requires effort to produce quality content for your specific target audience.

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How to Get the Nod of the Blog Owner

| Submitting Guest Posts | January 31, 2014

Guest posting is a great opportunity to showcase your writing skills and authority in your niche as well as promote yourself in various blogs. Although no pay is involved here, the blogger or writer benefits greatly from the exposure of his articles and even personal website.


Keep in mind that patience is of utmost importance when getting in touch with blog owners. Don’t expect to immediately get an approval after communicating with the publishers of the sites where you want to contribute your guest posts.

But to ensure that you get a reply, here are some steps that you need to do right from the start.

Provide a Specific Goal

When presenting yourself and your goal via email, make sure that you are specific about everything. You may provide a number of proposed titles that the blog owner can choose from and share links of your past articles on the web.

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Where to Look for Guest Posting Opportunities

| Uncategorized | January 11, 2014

Writing guest posts can be a very fulfilling work. It helps writers and publishers promote their articles in different sites other than their own as well as get links and traffic to their websites and blogs.


Being able to publish one’s articles on other sites, however, requires looking for the right websites, establishing connections with the right people and writing quality content. It means being honest of your intentions and making sure you are creating a unique and original article that’s not just a rehash of what’s already available on the web.

There are many ways of finding the right websites in line with your niche. All it takes is patience and resourcefulness.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting to Article Directories

| News | November 20, 2013

With plenty of online tools available to people these days, content marketing can easily be done on the internet. One of the most effective ways to do this is by submitting articles to various article publishing directories.

Photo credit: Fedobe

Photo credit: Fedobe

Article directories are either free or paid. Some of the paid ones, however, may also offer a free plan ideal for those who are still starting out in writing and promoting articles online.

Going through this route helps greatly in promoting your writeups. The reach is global and you earn better rankings from Google. It is also one of the best ways to establish your credibility as an expert in your specific niche.

What to Do

When using an article directory, you can choose to sign up to several of the most trusted. One is Ezinearticles.com which has both free and paid options.

Do come up with a quality article and make sure you meet the word count required. Normally, a minimum of 400 words per article will do.

Selecting the most appropriate category and sub-category is also essential. This will enable your articles to be easily found in the directory.

You will also need to create an attention-grabbing summary. But while you may be tempted to just use the first two sentences of your article, it would be best to write a different one that summarizes what your writeup is all about.

Another very important part of your submission that should never be taken for granted is the author resource box. This is where you tell people about yourself and what you do. Most article directories allow the inclusion of a website link in this part that allows visitors to be directed to your own website or blog in case they’re interested to read more of your content or get to know you better.

What Not to Do

Signing up on an article directory requires putting your name in there and your personal photo. Avoid using a pen name if possible and not uploading a photo. Keep in mind that internet users like to meet and see real people even online and not including a photo in your personal profile can only turn them away.

Do not include links to your website in the body of your article. This is a no-no in article directories. Rather, include your blog or website link in the author resource box section.

Finallly, don’t submit mediocre articles or those that have been rehashed several times. Make it a point to write unique content every time to establish your credibility online.

4 Signs You’re Guest Blogging the Wrong Way

| Submitting Guest Posts | October 23, 2013

Advice on the DOs and DONTs of guest blogging abound, and yet people routinely do not make necessary changes in their guest blogging strategy simply because they fail to recognise the warning signals that point out the need to do so.

Photo Credit: Brad Perkins

Here are 5 signs that you are guest blogging the “wrong way”. Better wise up if you see a couple of this signs, unless you’re fine with wasting your time and effort on a posting campaign that won’t yield any significantly positive results.

SIGN 1 – You can’t get blogs / sites to accept your posts.

I don’t know how you can ignore this sign, but in case you are especially dense then this is your wake up call to up the ante in terms of the quality of your guest posts. They’re evidently not cutting it, so better rethink your topics or hire a writer if you have to. The posts themselves may also not be the problem, but the email/cover letter or whatever tactic you use to approach sites and blogs might be your problem. So better figure out what’s wrong really fast, because until you have guest posts that are published you technically don’t even have a guest posting campaign to speak of.

SIGN 2 – All (most) of the sites / blogs you submit posts to accept them.

Exactly the opposite of the first sign, this one can really blindside you because you’re probably thinking that you’re doing great with all the back links you’re getting from your numerous guest posts. The problem is, the reason why your posts are all getting accepted probably has nothing to do with their quality but because you’re probably submitting them mostly to low quality blogs that accept just about any guest post that comes their way. In fact, be honest with yourself. Your nice fat link profile probably all comes from paying blogs to publish your posts! And if you haven’t been paying attention, then you fully deserve getting tagged by Google as a link scheme.

SIGN 3 – No activity on your most of your posts

Not all of your posts will go viral. In fact, chances are that none will, but if your posts are NOT getting ANY page views, comments, or social shares, then you have a problem. Remember, the end goal of a good guest posting campaign is not simply to get back links, so you want people to actually read your posts. If your posts are not getting any activity, then it’s clear that no one’s bothering to read them. Figure out if your mistake lies in the quality of your posts, the popularity of the blogs/sites you are submitting to, or maybe the relevance of your topics to the readers of those blogs. You need to know why the readers (if any) of those blogs are not finding your posts interesting enough so that you can take the proper adjustments in your campaign.

SIGN 4 – Your guests posts are not driving traffic to your site

Yes you want the back links and having people read your posts and even share them is great, but in the end you also want your posts (or at least a healthy amount of them) to drive traffic to your site. Having people come to your site via the guest post is not just about getting more traffic to your site, but is an indication that what you are serving them with your guest posts is interesting enough for them to go further and find out more about you.

How to Find Guest Posting Leads with FollowerWonk

| Link Building, Submitting Guest Posts | October 12, 2013

It takes a little creativity to find good guest posting opportunities these days. And while you may have a reliable guest posting service at your disposable, a little legwork on your past might spell the difference between so-so results and an excellent one.

One way you can look for guest posting leads is by using FollowerWonk, a great app that helps you analyze and compare Twitter profiles.

Before anything else though, what you should realize about Followerwonk is that it gets its data from Twitter alone. This means that you’ll only get to find leads from sites/personalities that have a pretty good following on Twitter, but may be missing out on those that use only Facebook or other social media networks for there social media arm. And yes, you’ll also be missing out on class A bloggers who do not have any social media presence at all. So make sure that you don’t rely on this alone if looking for guest posting leads, especially if you wish to get a more diverse social media presence and link profile.

Now, let’s get back to the topic and give a step-by-step guide on how to use FollowerWonk to find guest post leads.

1. Search – Enter a search term on FollowerWonk’s Search Twitter Bios page. Make sure that you choose one that reflects your target audience. For example, the search term “guest post” is not a good idea because it’s very generic and does not really narrow down the profiles according to topic/niche. Terms like “search engine optimisation”, “special needs”, and “personal finance” are better.

2. Sort – You can sort search results by the number of tweets, following, followers, days old (profile age), and social authority. Sort what you get by “social authority” so that you will get the top profiles of people/sites on Twitter.

3. Weed out irrelevant results – As you see on the image below, the top result for the search term “special needs” is NOT the type of site you’d want to guest post on if you’re target is the special needs community. In fact, it isn’t until the 3rd result that you actually get a pretty relevant profile. So while searching and sorting will narrow down it down to popular profiles on Twitter for you, you still need to do things manually.


4. Check for blogs – Just because a profile has a good Twitter following does not mean that they have a blog where you can submit guest posts to. So go to each profile, click on their links, and check for a blog. The last thing you want is to appear like a total moron by contacting someone to ask for a guest posting opportunity on a blog that does not exist.

5. Assess the blog’s health – A healthy Twitter following does not automatically translate to a popular blog. So visit the blog and check it’s domain authority and its user/visitor engagement (social shares and comment section).

Once you’re done with the last step, it’s time to contact the owners of the blogs left on your list for possible guesting opportunities.

Social Signals, Page Rank and Guest Posts

| Link Building, Submitting Guest Posts | October 8, 2013

SEO ranking correlation studies show that social signals have a very high correlation with better page rankings. In fact, out of the top 8 factors with positive correlation coefficient’s for the year, 7 are social signals. This means that one cannot disregard the importance of social signals in your SEO efforts and that it is time for you to focus on your social media efforts, especially with the double benefit it brings.

Image via SearchMetrics

The problem with social media campaigns though is that it takes just as much effort and resources as SEO campaigns do. This means that if your focus at the moment is link building, and you do not have enough resources to go all out with your social media campaign at the same time, then you can’t expect to reap the benefits of a very high mass of social signals (e.g. Like, tweets, shares, etc.) any time soon. The good news though, is that your knowledge about the importance of social media need not go to waste and can benefit you right away as you incorporate it into your guest posting strategy.

So just how do you do this?

Simple. Choose sites and blogs to submit guest posts to that already have good traction in various social media networks.

Since we’ve already been telling you be more choosy about where you submit your content and so avoid being flagged for using guest posting as a link scheme┬áthen you just need to go one step further by adding a healthy social activity to your checklist. Though this will not necessarily translate to increased page rank for your your own site, nor even a high volume of social activity for the actual guest post, your chances of of getting more likes and shares for your post is still better than with a site with little or no social activity to start with. This in turn means a better chance for your guest post to rank well and so pass on more value back to your site without you having to really do anything on your end in terms of social media efforts.


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